A Leaf From Sycamore-July 2004


This newsletter is a new venture for Sycamore Close Day Centre. If there is enough interest, we hope to produce the newsletter On a bi-monthly basis. Hopefully, we will get many and varied contributions from you all. Members and residents alike.

We hope you like the title for the new Newsletter. Many thanks to Barbara Weatherald for her ingenuity.

We also have a new e-mail address: sycamore@daycentre.wanadoo.co.uk

One of our big projects next year will be Medicine throughThe Ages.

We will have memorabilia, photos, food, remedies(demonstrations!!!) etc. If anyone has any remedies, potions or reminiscences, please contact Angela Kershaw at the day centre.


Sue is busy organising outings up hill and down dale for High Hall and the day centre. They’ve been to Tesco shopping. Gone for lunch to Kilnsey Fish Farm and been to Brymor for ice-cream.

On Saturday the 4th of September at 2-30 Friends Of High Hall will be holding their annual Summer Fete. The stalls will include, tombola and handicraft, a cake stall, bottle stall and a raffle.

At the end of August look out for Margaret Metcalfe’s Strawberry teas! Always a winner. A. Kershaw.


Trips out included Down to Brymor ice-cream parlour to cool off. A ride up to the top of Howgate to look at the view and then to the cheese factory in Hawes for tea and a little shopping.

A visit to Aysgarth stopping on the way to look at the new ambulance station. Next stop, a look round the newly restored [Edwardian Rockery at Aysgarth,(awesome). Ended up at The Coppice at Aysgarth Falls. A lovely afternoon.

Annual Outing

The Annual outing this year was a cruise on the Skipton canal, (super picnic on the boat provided by High Hall Residential Home) and then called for tea at Kilnsey Fish Farm.

Weather mixed, hot sunshine and showers but it did not spoil the fun.

The boat we hired was from SCAD, (Skipton and Craven Action for Disability) a registered charity. It was a new boat specially designed and equipped for less able bodied-people and came complete with a wheelchair lift.

The boat was completely fitted out with crockery, a cooker, tea towels, bin bags etc. The tea, coffee and milk were supplied free by Morrisons supermarket Skipton. All we had to do was bring the food and have a good time. So we did!

SCAD can be contacted on Tel. No. 01756 701005 / www.scad.org.uk / info@scad.org.uk
http://www.scad.org.uk (in a new window)


  • Activites etc. have included A sing-a-long with Mrs Annie Beresford from Oughtershaw.

Breadmaking. Breadmaker versus the traditional method.

  • Traditional won hands down as the breadmaker never got to first base.(It stopped working!) The bread rolls turned out well (with a couple each to take home for tea). The breadmaker will try again in a short while.
  • Hot croissants with coffee have also been tried but I think we'll stick with the biscuits on a day to day basis.
  • We had a Birthday party for two of our members + D-Day celebrations.
  • We had savouries, tea bread, and nibbles finished off with a humongus strawberry pavlova and washed down with lashings of lemonade or a vintage red wine.
  • We have aquired three new activites this month. Call my Bluff ,Musical Bingo, and Basket Ball.

Keep Fit

We have just embarked on a new keep fit program. A gentle approach to begin with, building up gradually as confidence is gained and joints become more supple.

Allan Chandler

On the 21st of July at 1-30 we wll be having a musical afternoon with Allan Chandler the accordianist, (always a favourite), followed by a buffet tea. You are all welcome to join us.

This will be Barbara’s last day for a while as Liz will be returning from her maternity leave on 28th of July. Everyone of us at the Day Centre would like to say a big thank you to Barbara for all her care and hard work.



We have a good selection of cards always available in the foyer at £1-00 each. If given time we can meet a special request.

There is usually marmalade for sale, also at £1-00 a jar. (Empty jars always appreciated). Chutney will be produced later in the season. All profit goes directly to our funds.

We also run a bonus ball scheme @ 25p a number. Prize money is £7-00 Any money remaining goes into our amenity fund.

Footnote Dolly has finally been able to join us on a Wednesday after a long and patient wait.

We have a vacancy on Fridays if you know of anyone who would like to come.

A little something from one of our poetry readings


Ee, she wor a grand owd mare

Getting on in years, tha sees

She'd born monny a foal in past years

But now she'd rheumaticky knees

Soa they puts her in t'field aside us

To live out 'er olden days

In peace an' quiet contentment

Wheer she'd nowt to do bar graze

Ah knaw she looked a funny sight

She wor goin' grey an' thin

Ther wor really nowt much up wi 'er

Apart from 'er funny owd pins

But some kind person reported 'er

In a sneaky sort on a way

That owd 'oss wor tekken from us

Aye, someone carted 'er away

She wor put dahn humanely like

But it's summat Ah feel badly abaht

'Cos just when 'er candle 'ad a glow

Somebody went an' snuffed it aht

These do-gooders should 'od ther noise

'Cos Owed Violet 'ad been seen bi t'vet

It wor nobbut owd age an' bulgy knees

An' she'd 'ave been 'ere with us yet

If it 'adn't been fer some town folk

Who thowt as they knew better, really

Knew nowt at all abaht country life

Ee, Ah'd like to send 'em a letter:

"Ah only 'ope when tha gets old

Goes grey an' 'as rheumaticky knees

This law's been passed - at sez in effect

Tha's too owd - it's better tha dees!"

By Kate Glover


On Monday June 14th

There was a meeting and presentation at Sycamore Close given by Housing 21 and Richmondshire Council to show residents the proposed plans and to field much needed questions about the new project and how they will be affected.

On Thursday 8th of July

There was a Meeting in Bainbridge for Residents of Bainbridge and the rest of the dales to see the proposed plans and to get some idea of what the Bainbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme is all about.

The main plans and coloured artists' impression are now available for you to have a look at. The newsletter will try to keep you informed of how the development is progressing.

Julie Maternity cover

At the time of writing as you will be aware, Julie has gone down to Thornborough Hall Gardens on a Wednesday and a Friday for 6 months to cover maternity leave for another member of staff.

Monday Tuesday and Thursday activities etc. continue as usual.


Communion is held at Sycamore Close every month with Ann Chapman the vicar from Askrigg.

Sycamore Close residents are going on an outing to Lightwater Valley on Monday 26th July.

Whist Drive Wednesday 28th July.

Library Van calls every third Friday Afternoon.

Have you seen Lawrence’s tomatoes growing in the conservatory. He looks like he's in for a bumper crop.

The gardens and pots are doing well. Willa’s spot is absolutely blooming.


I farmed at Shawcote Abbotside for nearly 40 years.

I then lived for another 6 years at South View Askrigg.

I arrived at High Hall Bainbridge from hospital for 7 weeks nursing care before coming to live at Sycamore Close on September 6th 1998.

I have lived at Sycamore now for nearly 6 years and have enjoyed watching my two Grandsons Grant and Ross growing up.

I look forward with mixed feelings to seeing the new development come here, but I feel that it has to happen for the benefit of future generations here at the top of the dales.

Lawrence Thwaites 1923 - 2004

Strange but True

In 1728 a Scottish woman named Margaret Dickson was found guilty of killing a child.

She was hanged in Edinburgh; then the coffin was put into the cart to be driven to her native town for burial.

En route the drivers stopped at an inn for a meal, and when they came out they were frightened to see the coffin shaking in the cart. One of them finally gathered enough courage to open the coffin and find Margaret Dickson reviving.

Dickson was bled and put to bed, and the next day found her completely normal.

The Scottish authorities decided not to re-hang her. She returned home, remarried her husband, and lived for thirty more years.


Q. What would you do if an elephant sat in front of you at the cinema?
A. Miss most of the picture.

Q. Why are elephants wrinkled?

A. Have you ever tried to iron one?


I am very heavy, but very light.
Sometimes clouded, but always bright:
I live a very long way away,
But yet I visit you many a day.
I'm cheery and popular, big and warm,
I'm as old as the hills, and quite round in form.


The sun

Letter From Lucy

My Jaunt to Devon

I had a lovely time playing on a big see-saw with Uncle Bryan and paddling in the sea and knocking down my Daddy’s sand castles.

I went to the Eden project and saw some bananas growing (it was very hot inside the dome).

Mummy and Daddy put on my best clothes and took me to tea at Rick Steins and I was a very good girl!!

Love from Lucy Allen.

Did You Know?

If you could harness the Electricity generated by the neurons in your brain, you could light up a 20 Watt light bulb.

Nerve cells demand so much energy that the brain uses up to 20 per cent of the body’s oxygen and consumes an incredible 60 per cent of its glucose supply.

Did you know that eating little and often keeps your brain operating at its peak.

Some 70-year-olds perform better at tests of mental agility than some 20-year-olds; education and experience compensate for the deficiencies of ageing.

SQUIRRELS by John Mole b.1941

Tails like dandelion clocks

They blow away, these

Light-weight bucking broncos

With a plume behind.

For sheer surprise

No-well aimed burdock

Sticks more nimbly to your overcoat

Than these to tree bark,

Nor with such aplomb

Can any comparable creature

Lead a dance more deftly

Through the branches.

Down to earth again, they

Hold their tums in, like little aldermen,

Or sit on tree stumps

Like old ladies knitting socks.

A Suprise - By Malcolm Douglas

When the donkey saw the zebra He began to switch his tail; “Well, I never!” was his comment- “Here’s a mule that’s been to jail!”

Tips of the Month

  • To keep your baby free from nappy rash. Whip up an egg white to the consistency of whipped cream and apply liberally to the babies bottom.

Used on Johnny 18 years ago with good results.

Consult your health worker first!!! This snippet from Pauline Hirst (Kings Club). Seconded by Margaret Cotton Carperby.

  • To stop milk boiling over, place an ordinary pie chimney in the centre of a pan of milk.
  • When the milk starts to boil, it boils up through the little chimney, so there is no danger of it boiling over.

PS has anyone a pie chimney!
Angela Kershaw

  • Here is a good way to avoid the bottom crust of a pie becoming soggy by fruit or gravy.

After you have lined your dish/tin, brush over the pastry with beaten egg and allow it to stand for a few minutes before putting in the filling. When cooked, you will find the bottom crust just as eatable as the top. Angela Kershaw.


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