A Leaf From Sycamore-March 2005

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Spring is here and we are very busy again. At this time of year we do quite a lot of plant production. We have a good reputation for producing quality plants.

All the New seasons six pack pansies have been sold. We have just a few sweet peas and petunias left but they are going fast.

Things are changing quite rapidly here at Sycamore as the new building starts to rise above the first floor. I’ve never seen as many faces at windows looking out and trying to make out the shape and size of different rooms and facilities, and watching all the wagons coming and going, but then again we’ve nothing else to look out at.

Fundraising for the year ending March 2005 was £1,135. That is a lot of plants and marmalade. A big thank you to all at the day centre and our friends for all your hard work.

As a consequence of this fundraising we have at last got a state of the art computer, a large screen Monitor for easy viewing (keyboard donated by Performance Computers) and a new scanner/printer. All we need now is Broadband!

For the first time this newsletter has actually been printed by the members of Sycamore day centre instead of having to be printed late into the night at Woodhall. Yippee!!

And don’t forget we have a good selection of cards for most occasions at only £1.00. A Kershaw

Sycamore Close

Yore Club

Meetings last Thursday in the Month at 2 p.m.

  • Thursday 26th May. Trip to Boundary Mill, Colne.
  • Bus leaves Askrigg at 9.30 a.m.
  • Thursday 30th June Day Out - Coffee at Brymore
  • lunch at How Stean Gorge, Nidderdale
  • Bus leaves Askrigg at 9 30 a.m.

Sycamore Close Residents

There has been discussions with Housing 21 and Richmondshire Council looking at the possibilities of which flats the residents are to occupy in the new building.

As the development gets nearer completion residents will be invited to choose the carpets, curtains and colour scheme they would like in their new flats.

Julie has been busy with quizzes, aerobics, baking and lots of different videos to watch.

We have had the clothing man here again with his usual good choice of clothes etc.


After the entertainment there will be an 80th birthday tea for Mrs Dorothy Lambert from Hawes.

The Shoe Box

  • Sale of Hotters Shoes in the lounge/day centre
  • Wednesday 25th May 1.30pm, Open House. All welcome.
  • Refreshments Available.

Sycamore Day Centre

We have no new members this month but we have had two lovely birthdays with Dolly and Nora.

Art Classes

We are at present trying a little art. So far we have done clay modelling with air dried clay donated by the Kings' Club. Very interesting shapes were achieved including a snail in Joseph's Technicolour and a reclining Liz.

We practiced mixing colours in oil, pastiche and watercolour, (not as easy as it sounds).
Margaret Booth got bored and painted herself a clown. Margaret already has artistic abilities. She has also been a great artist in wood,(carving etc.)

We have also had a go at glass painting. We made little candle holders.

Easter activites

Easter activities at Sycamore Day Centre began on Wednesday 16th March with making Easter Bonnets for the ladies and hats for the gentlemen, and then lining up for a rogue’s gallery photo.

Some amazing hats were made. We did splash out this year on some new bright yellow Easter hats as a starting base but the extra cost was well worth it.
For Photos see web site: Easter Activities.

Friday the 18th March was an egg and bunny hunt in and around Sycamore Close.
The worry was that the chocolate would melt, as I had had to secrete them at around 9am in the morning ready for the afternoons activity.

Dolly and Barbara found the most hidden chicks, eggs and rabbits, but the two large golden bunnies were found by Margaret Cotton and with a lot of rougueing Mary Johnson.

Easter festivities finished on Wednesday the 23rd March with our resident and award winning flower arranger Liz Allen.

Time as always was against us but Liz helped by Barbara managed to achieve six super arrangements all with an Easter theme. They even managed an outdoor garden planter. Well done!!!

The Easter photographs were all printed off on our new all singing all dancing printer and distributed to members.

Finally all the stunning floral arrangements and planters were auctioned off to the highest bidders.
All the proceeds went to our amenity fund.

We've had a talk and a slide show of Arran in Scotland by Angela

We’ve had a couple of musical afternoons with singing,and a tommy talker. Two members brought their mouth organs and an electric keyboard was supplied for anyone to have a go.

The keyboard could also record what you played and then play it back. Good Fun.

Stan Brook

And finally Stan has almost finished his web pages, after a lot of time and hard work but I think it was worth it.

We have had a lot of fun putting it together and have found out lots of new things about the past, and about Stan. Stan now has a lot of his very small worn photographs enlarged, restored and brought back to life and burned onto CD Roms that he can look at on the big computer screen.

News From High Hall

High Hall residents and day centre have been busy silk painting and trying out some old recipes including good old jam tarts from a 1930’s Bero book.

Norman Ellis has celebrated another birthday but he’s not telling us which. He had a lovely party with friends and staff.

A cheese, beer and wine tasting afternoon went off with a tang! Cheeses that is.
The object of the exercise was to try and find an old fashioned cheese that tasted nearest to the old fashioned Wensleydale cheese (from memory).

Cotherstone from Barnard Castle and Richard the Third were chosen as the most similar. Cheeses were bought from Allens at Hawes.

You have probably noticed that we havn’t really been out anywhere on the mini-bus but she is getting old and tired.
Any day now we shall be getting a brand new bus and then you won’t see us for dust.

The Mobile Cinema Experience comes to Sycamore Close Day Centre


A big thank you to Trevor and his good lady for all their hard work.

Our day centre room is not an easy place to set up a mobile cinema on a big scale.
The word that springs to mind is CHALLENGING.
This screen was the smallest they do. The other one is 12 feet by 9 feet.

Pop-corn and ice-cream were available in the interval.

Film Around Richmondshire

Bringing The Big Screen Experience To Rural Richmondshire. We launched our DVD & video film touring scheme in February 2005 as a year long pilot scheme, run in partnership with the Elite Cinema, Leyburn.

With funding from Screen Yorkshire and Awards For All we're offering local promoters the chance to book and screen the films of their choice (subject to availability) in their venue.
Trevor Boning has joined us to co-ordinate the scheme and we're recruiting projectionists to take the films out to a wide range of venues.

Trevor is busy contacting all the venues in the area arranging the first batch of screenings.

How it works

Film Around Richmondshire provides and transports the high quality equipment, operates it, books the films, gives advice on programming, helps with publicity and even provides the tickets.

Promoters publicise their screenings, sell tickets, provide refreshments and host the event.

We have two sizes of screen - 12ft x 9ft and 8ft x 6ft so it will fit into any venue. With top quality sound and projection kit it brings the cinema experience to local venues.

This is a very exciting initiative, and interest from village halls, schools and church halls is already considerable.

It offers a great opportunity to develop existing and new film audiences across the district using the Elite Cinema as the focal point with it's eclectic programme and loyal support.

Our Aim for Film Around Richmondshire

  • To establish a network of village halls and other local venues, all promoting cinema for both their local communities and visitors to the area.
  • To provide a high quality local cinema service for the rural and remote parts of Richmondshire.
  • To offer a wide variety of films (including locally and regionally produced work) throughout Richmondshire, with local communities choosing what they would like to watch.

We envisage shows might also feature short films, to be shown before an interval when refreshments and perhaps a bar may be available.

There is an opportunity here for local film-makers, young and old, to have their work shown on the big screen in front of an audience. Please contact us if you have material for showing.

With ‘Film Around Richmondshire’ we intend to offer many the chance, for the first time, to walk to their nearby venue to enjoy a film with other members of the community.
Forget about the problems of travel costs and parking, for we will, together with local promoters, be bringing quality entertainment to your local area.
Even better, this will be at a very affordable price, providing a superb evening's entertainment everyone can afford.

We are very keen to help you bring cinema to your locality. Please contact:

Trevor Boning Film Around Richmondshire Middleham Key Centre Park Lane Middleham North Yorkshire DL8 4RA Tel: Office - 01969 625142 (To leave a message)Home – 01677 460442 or Email : airfilm@fireflyuk.net


When you open a new bottle of nail varnish smear Vaseline round inside the top and the grooves for easy opening.

Put a small button on the end of the sellotape roll, the end will be easier to find and the button easy to remove.

Cling film kept in the fridge is a lot easier to handle.


Spinach Flan
Curried Egg - this makes alovely side dish to go with a salad

Brains & Bones

As we get older it becomes more important to take care of our ‘diminishing brains‘ and bones.

Eating strawberries and raspberries has been shown to increase levels of antioxidants in our blood by as much as 20%, which has been shown to revitalise the brain.

Drinking organic milk, which is up to 70% richer than ordinary milk in omega 3 essential fatty acids, can improve your memory and concentration. Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for efficient transmission of signals along nerve pathways within the brain.

To protect and strengthen bones, stock up daily on calcium rich foods such as milk, yogurt and dark green vegetables. Also important is vitamin K, found in spinach and broccoli which help the body to create a protein scaffold onto which minerals such as calcium and phosphorus can be deposited.

Drinking sparkling mineral water can help keep our blood at a stable pH value, which in turn keeps calcium locked in our bones. Acid drinks such as cola, are thought to have the opposite effect.

Vitamin D which is needed to absorb calcium is found in such foods as eggs and herrings. Also check out the sunlight for vitamin D.

In the Garden

Make sure all dead wood is burned after pruning

With perennials if you put in stakes or support in early Spring before the plants have grown you will have a lovely display of flowers that are not blown over in the first Summer wind

WHEN TRANSPLANTING SEEDLINGS MAKE SURE YOU DO IT EARLY MORNING OR EARLY EVENING The plants will have a much better chance of surviving as more moisture is around at this time.

Pick off dead flowers even before they have withered. The more you pick off the flower heads the longer the flowers will last as the plant keeps trying to produce seed. Your intervention keeps the plant busy.

Never prune roses if frost is predicted you will get die-back.

Never work on soil that is wet. If you stand on it you squash out the oxygen. If you have to walk on the soil use wooden boards to transfer the weight.

Letter from Lucy

Hello it’s me again. Eeh! Time does fly.

When it was Easter I got lots of lovely chocolate eggs but my grandmas egg was the biggest.

I’ve been to Derby to see great uncle Bill. It was his 80th birthday and I’m only 1½ years old.

We had a lovely pub lunch with great uncle Eddie and great auntie Margaret and lots of my cousins. (I didn’t realize there were so many of us.)

I’ve also been to another 4th birthday party in Masham (where the black sheep live) and it was great. Lots of toys to play with and a bouncy castle.

Talking of toys my daddy has got me a rocking horse for Easter instead of an egg, aren’t I lucky.

I’ve been very busy helping my daddy feeding the hens.
I try to help my mummy in the garden but the flowers keep coming off in my hand and mummy looks so sad.

I’m going walking in Bardale with my auntie Marnie so I’m off for a rest. Bye.

Love Lucy XXX

New bus arrives

New community mini-bus arrives in Bainbridge on Friday 20th May 2005.

Inauguration ceremony on the village green if the weather is good otherwise in the village hall.

William Hague has kindly agreed to officiate. He will be arriving at 11.30 am and will be staying for an hour.

We shall be providing refreshments on the village green or in the village hall as appropriate.

There will be an opportunity for everyone to have a good look at the new bus and who knows perhaps even a ride in it.

The mini-bus is used primarily by High Hall and Sycamore Close Day Centres but will also be available for hire.

Contact Booking Secretary 01969 650918 e-mail uwips@aol.com

Strange but true

In 1932 a couple went shopping in London.
It was Christmas-time and they visited most top West End stores.

At the end of the day they arrived home by taxi, loaded down with large parcels.
As they looked through the parcels they had one parcel they did not recognise.
They opened it and to their astonishment, they found a jewellery box filled with rubies, diamonds and precious stones.

They immediately took it to the police station.

The jewels were later valued at £250,000, a very large amount of money by today's standards.

Unbelievably, no one came forward to claim them.

The police eventually traced them to a Russian Grand Duchess.
The jewels were part of the Russian Crown Jewels, and no one had noticed when they went missing.

Angela’s Holiday

Nipped up to Arran in Scotland for a short break in March.

Weather was a mixture. Torrential rain, 70 miles an hour winds, dreek and drizzle, snow and glorious sunshine with azure blue seas.

Good job I like dramatic weather patterns.

We stayed in a super double bay windowed house at Lochranza, next to the little ferry terminal, looking out to sea and across to the Isle of Bute, Newton Point, and the Kintyre peninsular.

The flora and fauna of the island at this time of year is quite spectacular. The stunning red camellias seemed to be in most gardens as were the fuchsias. The yellow gorse (which had a perfume of coconut) was in full bloom all over the island and there were masses of primroses.

The bird life was pretty good too. There were cormorants, black headed gulls, dippers, whacking great gannets, buzzards, eider ducks, peacocks, lots of sea swans, a hen harrier and yes we saw a juvenile golden eagle.

The highlight for me was on the Friday morning sitting up in bed with my binoculars looking out to sea and seeing something that was definitely not a seal.

Got up quickly, rushed outside with the camera and binoculars to get a closer look and yes, it was definitely dolphins frolicking in the bay. How lucky can you be?

If that wasn’t enough excitement, just imagine when I found out there was to be a Jumble Sale in the village hall the next day. I brought lots of bargains back and we are going to try and sell a couple of things on e-bay when we get broadband.


Sycamore Close Day Centre would like to say a big thank you to Stuart Gatty for the generous donation of £100 towards our computer fund from the money raised on the quiz nights at the Kings Arms Askrigg.

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