A Leaf From Sycamore-September 2004


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  2. News from High Hall
  3. Sycamore Close Day Centre
  4. Barbara's Leaving Party
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  8. This Month's Recipes
  9. What am I?
  10. In the House
  11. Answers

From the Editor

e-mail address sycamore@daycentre.wanadoo.co.uk
Mobile 07919824402 Wednesday and Friday 10am until 3.30pm

We hope to start an exciting new project in the next few weeks to coincide with the start of our building project here at Sycamore. We want to produce our own web site (computer permitting!!!) to keep us all in touch with how the project is progressing. We should also be able to publish the newsletter and many other bits of information about ourselves to keep friends and family etc. around the country and the world informed about what we are getting up to here at Sycamore. Fingers crossed and watch this space.

Each month we bring in the special offers brochure from AskriggVillageShop. We look for bargains (e.g. Robertsons jam, blackcurrant and raspberry two large jars for 99p) and take orders if anyone wants anything. We do not charge for this service other than the cost of the product.

A box of cream horns arrived from the Crown at Hawes for us to use, (Over ordered). How kind. There were forty. Imagine filling forty cream horns!! We asked Christine the warden if she would like to share them out with some of the residents from Sycamore.

So far we have made 25lbs of chutney called Wensleydale Surprise and all has been sold. We have one more batch to make. We have potted up and put out for sale some super autumn cyclamens. They are in the conservatory if anyone wants one. We are also selling home grown winter pansies @ £2.00 for a six pack.

New activities acquired this month were skittles, an automatic card shuffler and a ping pong game. When the new Day Centre is established we hope to have a full size table tennis table as it seems to be a popular activity.

We now purchase newspapers for use in the Day Centre on a Wednesday and Friday by popular demand. We are making a chess set at Sycamore which will be for general use. Jim Waterworth said he would have a go at carving a board to go with it. Thanks Jim.

News from High Hall

The Friends Of High Hall fundraising afternoon on the 4th of September (despite the poor weather) raised £300. Sue has been out and about again this month with a visit to Farfield Mill which had to be temporarily postponed last month. Sue took two of the Monday ladies Mary and Margaret to Settle for a shopping trip. They had a high old time.

by Angela Kershaw

Sycamore Close Day Centre

Activities have included

  • Ice-cream tasting with invited guests from High Hall Day Centre
  • An outing to Aysgarth Falls and Coppice Coffee Shop for tea
  • How to make and eat doughnuts!
  • The History of the Haggis complete with a haggis tasting. Minus the windpipe!! (different!)
  • Looking at some interesting medical remedies from 1749. e.g. How to remove worms from the ear!! (Ever heard of wormwood.)
  • Cheese and wine tasting. (Wine was non alcoholic but delicious) with 14 different kinds of cheese to try. Everyone had different opinions as to which cheese was the best. Although it was unanimously agreed the goats' cheese should not pass our way again.

This month has also included a floristry demonstration from Liz Allen (winner of the Hartley Cup for flower arranging). Mrs. Allen did five different styles. First we had a tied bunch in mainly purple, pink and white, a pretty little posy, a circular arrangement in a bowl, then a lovely white rose arrangement in a basket, (later donated by Mrs Cotton to Freda Metcalfe for her birthday). Freda now lives at High Hall. The flowers that were left Liz turned into a small round arrangement.

The afternoon finished off with card bingo to enable members to win the displays. Winners were, D. Johnson, M. Cotton, M. Booth (who had popped in for coffee), S. Thwaite and D. Lambert. Tea was served with Angela Kershaw's Malt Loaf recipe from the previous issue of our newsletter.

Barbara's Leaving Party

We hired Allan Chandler piano accordianist to give Barbara a good send off (even though she wasn't going far). We invited guests from High Hall and Sycamore Close to join us in the Day centre for a knees up and a singalong. Great party. We had 24 revellers altogether. Finished off with tea and sandwiches, jelly, cakes, scones, crisps and biscuits, some of which were made by our members earlier in the day. Many thanks to Willa for her help later in the kitchen. It was much appreciated.

Day centre Mystery Tour

The weather was glorious. We left Sycamore Close at 1.30pm. Headed out of Bainbridge and turned for Sedbusk.

We then went through Hardraw and along the Dale to the Moorcock Inn. We turned for Kirkby Stephen.

Along the way we spotted several wild flowers including sweet cecily, wild orchids, meadow cranesbill, nettle leaf bell flower, Purple tufted vetch, harebell and ladies fingers.
As we travelled past Pendragon castle and turned at Nateby a little mole scurried across the road.

We then climbed to the top of the world or so it seemed, passing several vintage cars and their owners before dropping down into Keld and then onto Thwaite stopping at Kearton Guest House for tea.

Frances Stan and Spenk decided to sit outside in the sunshine (the rest of us plumped for the cool of the tea-room). Frances lost half her toasted teacake to a very nifty hen who felt she had more right to it than her.

Not content with half a teacake the hen then pinched Spenks scone!

Two of our members succumbed to some apple pie with a toffee topping served with fresh cream, grapes and raspberries.

Later as we were about to leave the tea-room that flipping hen butted in again. She decided to have a close up chat with Dolly. Dolly was not impressed.

Just as we were about to board the bus for home Django the Swaledale cowboy came riding by, (he has since gained more fame from being on the television).

A perfect day. A.K

Mrs Pounder. We have received £115.90 from the collection at Mrs Pounders Funeral. We have thanked the family very much for this donation.

We are also in the process of making a small photo album for Isobels' family of her happy times with us at Sycamore.

New Members

We would like to welcome two new members. Mr Edgar Daykin and Mr Jack Kirkbride both from Askrigg.

Welcome aboard!


Next month we are organising a visit to an extra care housing scheme in Keighley,managed by Housing21 (in a new window) to have a look and see what our new scheme at Sycamore might be like.


Nearer to Christmas we are organizing a day trip to Settle mill to see the sights and maybe do some Christmas shopping.

Hartley Trophy for floral Art.

Congratulations to Liz Allen for her recent success (winning the cup) at the Askrigg Annual Village Show.

Sycamore Yore Club

Last Thursday in the month at 2.00 p.m.

  • Thursday 30th September "Back from the Sahara" Slide show with David Pointon.
  • Thursday 28th October Shopping trip to Harrogate. Bus leaves Askrigg at 9.00.a.m.
  • Thursday 25th November Joys and sorrows of a bed & breakfast. A talk by Julie Clarke
  • Saturday 4th Dec. Xmas tea 3.pm

Margaret Booth and Ellen Nicholls went out for the afternoon with Julie to Yvonnes tearoom in Bainbridge. Lovely weather.

A scrapbook has been started for Sycamore Close. If anyone has anything of interest to contribute contact Julie at Sycamore, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

We are in the process of moving (our store) at Sycamore Close to make way for the new building, as are the rest of the people who live in the part of the building that has to be taken down.

We should all have moved by September 30th.

Did You Know ?

Keeping physically fit can help to keep you mentally fit.
Any exercise with an aerobic component increases the flow of blood.
Hence oxygen and glucose levels to the brain also increase.

Please note: On Mondays at 1.30 Julie does aerobic exercises in the sitting room. All welcome.

Did you know?

With increasing prevalence of Alzheimers' disease, some older people may misinterpret natural decline in memory as a more insidious problem.

It is important to state, that forgetfulness, is a normal feature of advancing years.

Over the age of 70, the connections between the brain cells start to break up and slip to a mere 95 trillion. Plenty to operate a healthy brain and nervous system, but function and reaction times do slow down.

Tips for drug safety

The majority of people taking medication suffer no side effects at all. Of those that do, the response to the drug varies immensely and can range from a slight feeling of nausea, to a severe allergic reaction. Whatever the reaction, the advice to the patient is the same: If new symptoms appear which seem to be related to taking the drugs, go straight back to the doctor.

ALWAYS read the information on the packet before you start the course, particularly as it may suggest taking drugs with food or advise what to do if a dose is missed.

NEVER exceed or reduce the dose recommended without seeking medical advice.

Some medications can interact with other drugs, including over-the-counter ones, or with alcohol to produce unpleasant side effects.

Check the packet or ask the doctor or pharmacist. The same drug can be available under different names depending on the manufacturing company.

Tips of the Month

To give a shine to freshly baked bread rub over the top with a little butter or buttered greaseproof paper while the bread is still warm. From Mary Johnson.

More Tips

When buying potted chrysanthemums, make sure that there is a fair amount of colour showing through the buds; if you buy them in tight bud they may never open.

A well grown plant should have around 20 buds showing colour, with more to come. Water during the first week only if the plant is really dry.

When arranging flowers in a wide necked vase, stick lengths of sticky tape across to form squares. These will hold the flowers in position.

There are many beautiful things, but the silent beauty of a flower surpasses them all.


How to get rid of a migraine. Take two paramedics and lay down in a darkened bedroom. From Stan.

Overheard in a pub by an elderly gentleman. "I used to wish I had less grey hairs. Now I wish I had more of them!

Overheard in a Dales pub: "How are thee then Jud?"

"Awful! he said.
The wife and me are both on a diet. We can only have half a pint o' beer a day!"

"But that's a pint tha's got in front o' thee!"

"Ah, but t' wife don't drink, so I'm havin'her half".

A Little Something Learned a long Time Ago

From Jim Waterworth

(Forgive the grammar as we are not familiar with the Ambleside dialect)

We're way down our coil oil Where muck splats ont' winders.

We've used all our coil and we're now back ont' cinders. If bum baliffe cums he won't find us,

'Cos we're way down our coil oil where muck splats ont' winders.


Q. What is grey, has four legs, big ears and a trunk ?

A. A mouse going on vacation.


Crossword September 2004

This Month's Recipes

What am I?

One half of me I see you spread
With eagerness upon your bread;
The other half of me you’ll see
Is laid for everyone at tea;
My whole’s a flower of brightest gold,
Beloved by all, both young and old.

 * * * * *

Butter, Cup, Buttercup.

In the House

In these sentences are hidden parts of a house.

  • The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
  • The squirrel often comes to feed here.
  • They left without me since I lingered.
  • Do orchids smell sweet?
  • I gave the cat a shallow dish to drink from.
  • Because of inefficiency, the company had to cancel large orders.

What Senior Citizens are Worth

Did you know that we old folks are worth a fortune.

We have silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, stones in our kidneys, Lead in our feet and gas in our stomachs!

I have become older since I saw you last, and a few changes have come into my life.

Frankly, I have become a frivolous old woman!! I am seeing six Gentlemen every day!

As soon as I wake up Will Power helps me out of bed.

Then I go to see Jimmy Riddle and then it is time for breakfast with Mr Kellogg,

followed closely by the refreshing company of Mr Tetley,

or my other friend who I only know by his initials P.G!

Then comes someone I don’t like at all, Arthur It is.

He knows he is not welcome,

but he insists on being here.

What is more, he stays for the rest of the day.

Even then he does not like to stay in one place so he takes me from joint to joint.

After such a hectic day I am glad to get to bed, (and with Johnny Walker too!!)

What a life!!! Oh yes, I am now flirting with Al Zheimer!

The vicar came to call the other day and said that at my age I should be thinking of the hereafter.

So I told him, I did it all the time, no matter where I am,

the bedroom, the sitting room, or the garden,

I ask myself “ now what Am I here after”?

Well I’ll close now and hope that Will Power is your constant companion too,

But do make sure that his friend Emma Royd does not creep up on you from Behind!!!

And watch out for the crafty one Gerry Atric.

Author unknown

Sent in by Mary Johnson

Please note : our chutney recipe.
It is with deep regret that we cannot publish the ingredients but unfortunately the recipe is a closely guarded secret!!!

Recipe For Preserving Children

  • 1 Grass-grown field.
  • 1 Half-dozen children (or more).
  • Several dogs (and puppies, if available).
  • 1 Brook.
  • A sprinkling of pebbles.


  1. Into field pour children and dogs, allowing to mix well.
  2. Pour brook over pebbles till slightly frothy.
  3. When children are nicely brown cool in warm bath.
  4. When dry, serve with milk and freshly baked ginger bread.

Letter from Lucy

“Hello everybody, I must tell you!

Last month I had to go into hospital for my operation.

Daddy was a bit worried about me and he dropped a tractor on his foot and had to go into hospital himself to be made better. Silly daddy!

I got better much quicker than my daddy has.

My operation was a great success and Flossie is very pleased that I have had my pot taken off so that I cannot bash her anymore.

I am really busy at the moment as I have 24 little fluffy chickens to look after. "Bye."

Love from Lucy Allen 11 months.

"P.S. I am nearly One."

The Humble Egg

To check the freshness of an egg remember:

  • They should be heavy for size.
  • If you break an egg onto a plate, the yolk should be rounded and firm
  • The whites should be jelly-like.

When using eggs:

  • Use at room temperature. Remove eggs from fridge at least an hour before use.
  • Cold eggs will be more likely to crack when boiled, curdle when cooked and not whip as well.
  • Cool hot mixtures before adding the egg.
  • When whisking egg whites make sure that your beaters and bowl are scrupulously clean (no grease) or your eggs will not whisk well.
  • When separating the yolk from the white try using a (pie or small plastic) funnel.
  • If eggs are stuck to the carton, just wet the box and the eggs are easily removed.
  • Never wash eggs - this removes their natural protective coating.
  • Scrambled egg can be varied by adding a few crushed potato crisps.
  • Make scrambled eggs in a buttered basin over a pan of hot water. You will get a much smoother scrambled egg and no messy pan to clean.
  • Add one whisked egg white to a carton of double cream to double the quantity.
  • An omelette will be lighter if you add a dessertspoon of water, not milk, for every egg. Do not overbeat.

Strange but True

One day a nineteenth-century Shropshire parish clerk observed a woman entering the churchyard with a little bundle and a watering can. He asked the woman what she was doing.

She replied that she was going to plant grass seed on her husband’s grave and water it to make it come up more quickly.

The clerk answered the she shouldn’t worry; the grass would come up soon enough.

The widow was fixed in her resolve, however.

Her husband had made her promise not to marry again until the grass had grown over his grave, and she wanted to help things along as fast as she could.


Crossword (answers)

Across : 3 Stevenson; 8 Amis; 9 Narrator; 10 Nylons; 12 Sea; 15 Support; 16 Four; 18 Urge; 19 Parable; 20 Its; 24 Resist; 25 Trollope; 26 Bear; 27 Churchill

Down: 1 Parnassus; 2 Title Page; 4 Tins; 5 Verse; 6 Noah; 7 Oboe; 11 Noon; 12 Steps; 13 Pot-boiler; 14 True story; 17 Free; 21 Troth; 22 Arch; 23 Blur; 24 Real;

In the House (answers)

Roof, loft, ceiling, door, hall, cellar.


To get real enjoyment out of a garden,
put on a straw hat,
dress in old clothes,
hold a trowel in one hand,
a glass of wine in the other and tell the man where to dig.

A good gardener always plants three seeds.

One for the grubs, one for the weather and one for himself.

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