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Sycamore Close Sheltered housing complex in Bainbridge was completed in 1980. There were 23 flats including the wardens' flat and 3 bungalows.

Dianne Whyte was the first warden and Christine Thwaite was the first relief. In 1985 Dianne went to work at High Hall Residential Home and Nora Smith became the new warden.

In 1996 Nora Left and Christine became the new warden.

In 2000 Karen Ewbank Christines daughter became the relief warden. If you take a look at the page entitled Sycamore Close Photographs Summer 2004 you will be able to see what Sycamore Close looked like before demolition of the sheltered housing.

The accomodation in the flats at the moment consist of a bed-sitting room, kitchen and toilet.

One of the things that will be really appreciated in the new complex will be a shower in every flat.

At present the showers and bathrooms are communal. Also, the corridors in the building are very narrow and are open brickwork. Nice and decorative but they are very rough textured if you brush against them.

This photograph of the field was taken in the early 1920s before Sycamore Close Sheltered Housing complex was built. The field belonged to ????? and as you can see, there is a huge sycamore tree growing in the middle of the field.

In the fore ground of the photo there is the old greenhouse and vegetable gardens for the old workhouse, which is now High Hall Residential Home.

When the first phase of Bainbridge extra care is completed residents from Sycamore close sheltered housing will move across into Sycamore Hall.

When the new extra Care Housing scheme is finished the residents from High Hall will then move across into SYCAMORE HALL and the old buildings will be redeveloped.

This photograph is taken from a similar position in October 2004.

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