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About myself. I am married to Brian with a family of three sons and nine grandchildren.

I am employed by North Yorkshire County Council with my base as High Hall Residential Home. I work at Sycamore Hall day centre along with Liz Allen, Susan Parkinson and Dilys Hodgson. See The 1950s

My career training was in the Hotel and Catering industry as a Chef and then Chef patissier in high quality hotels and restaurants until family came along.

I have worked on and off in the caring profession for many years (including Day Care Organiser at High Hall) with a break to run my own garden nursery. The nursery was very successful but when an opportunity arose for me to work at the New Day Centre at Sycamore Close I welcomed the challenge and returned to work at High Hall.

A little while ago (June 2004) we were chatting at the day centre and came up with the idea to produce our own newsletter. One of the reasons being, to keep people informed of the new developments that are taking place at Sycamore. We have now published our ninth bi-monthly magazine.

Not very long ago (September 2004) we got chatting again and wondered if it were possible to produce a web site that would serve the local community.

I had a word with my manager Diane Stephenson who had a word with her manager Mike O'Neil and the answer was, good idea.

I am very lucky that I have a son JohnKershaw (in a new window) who designs and builds web sites. I had another of my little chats with him and lo! and behold! he set up and is host for our web site free of charge. I have been given fast track lessons on strange computer languages and I can now edit a web site confidently, knowing that if I get into difficulties, John will be around to sort things out.

The web site is now up and running.

The content is for service providers, users, friends and families in upper Wensleydale.

January2005 The web site is forging ahead.

We are now delving into the history of High Hall and are finding it facinating. Ever used a micro-fiche machine. If you can't read maps very well or you don't understand clockwise you could find them a bit tricky.

Left Right or is it Right Left?

June 2005

The web site is progressing steadily.
We now have a comprehensive account of the extra care development at Sycamore Hall in photos and text.

Day Centre members are now getting their own web pages and adding photos and information.

We have an up to date Noticeboard of what is going on at High Hall and Sycamore Hall plus check out the Latest page.

We also have advertising sites for local business and local organisations.

Really getting the hang of this web site stuff. Never had as much fun.

I am now working on another site this time for people living working or visiting the Yorkshire Dales (in a new window) - Dales information site

Email: info / webmaster

[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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Angela Kershaw
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Dear Angela
I have just stumbled across your website whilst doing a google search on my great-great uncle Frank Hiscock. His younger brother who also worked at Asygarth for a year in 1903/04, was Ivor John Hiscock, my great-great grandfather. I have been doing my family tree and have found references to him being a master at Aysgarth workhouse. He is from a small Dorset village called Melbury Abbas and he and Elizabeth Allen got married in Shepton Mallet in 1898. I have only traced one child (until today), a boy called called Allen F. (probably Frank or Francis). The photographs on the website are fascinating and show some family traits. Do you have any more information about Frank and his family, including any living relatives, that anybody is willing to share.
Regards Wendy Fowler
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