Bainbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme

About Bainbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme

The development will take place in two phases.

Phase two begins on the 23rd January with the demolition of the remaining Sycamore Close.

In the first phase the bungalows and flats to the right of the site will be demolished and 16 flats and all utilities will be completed by the end of 2005. The present residents from Sycamore Close will then move across to the new flats.

In the second phase the remaining buildings will be removed and 24 more flats will be built.

The site manager for this project is Stuart Rutherford from Richmond.

There will be 40 units of accomodation consisting of 5 two bedroomed apartments and 35, 1 bedroomed apartments. Each apartment will have an entrance hall, lounge and en-suite bathroom. The kitchens will be fully fitted with a fridge, freezer and eye level oven and hob. The apartments also have wide doorways with enough space to enable someone in a wheelchair to move around freely.

The apartments will be decorated and will have non-slip flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.

The clients will be able choose their own decor and fabrics from a good selection offered by us.

Each apartment will also have the smart technology sensors fitted to assist people as required and there will be a call system.

The scheme will also have a laundry, a hairdressers, a day centre, assisted bathing room, lounge with residents kitchen area, electric buggy store and a therapy/treatment room.There will be sleep in facilities for staff, a managers office, a guest room and a dining room with full kitchen facilities from which residents and visitors can buy snacks and meals.

Housing 21 do not provide catering staff or facilities, so they will be happy to work with residents and local providers to ensure quality, choice based menus are provided.

The building will have areas open to the public and areas which only residents and their guests can access.

Allan White from Housing 21 is the Construction Project Manager.

Paula Broadbent from housing 21 will manage the scheme and will involve residents in choosing colour schemes for the lounge, the furniture etc, and will encourage the development of a tenants association who will have a say in the decision making processes.

It is hoped that the building Sycamore Hall will be handed over from Frank Haslam Milan the builders hopefully on the 16th of December if everything is okay.

Housing 21 will then begin the commissioning of the building ready for occupation in late January 2006.

The new Court Managers name is Michelle Mottershead.

Michelle is moving to the area and will start work for Housing 21 on the 5th December.

She will have a thorough induction which will be supported by Michelle George from Lonsdale Court in Penrith.

Michelle has worked for several Housing Associations and has been involved in the opening of an Extra Care Housing Scheme before, so she is very familiar with all the challenges that lie ahead.

I am sure that once she starts Michelle will be more than happy to give you further details about herself.


Christine Hawthorn Care Development Manager

Friday 16th December

Handover from the builders Frank Haslam Milan to Housing 21 completed today.

Friday 23rd December

Residents from Sycamore Close and their families are going to look round their new homes and facilities. They have also been given their moving dates

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Bainbridge Extra Care Housing Scheme
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Sid Payne:- 09-Jan-2006 #11
I was clerk of works at the extra care scheme in Cambridgeshire where Michelle organised the opening (and me) in 2004. I was not grey haired until then.I wish you all the best of luck with your new venture, which I,m sure you don't need as you have a right jewel with Michelle, but if shes any trouble you can always make her blush and then you have won. All the best to every one.
Anonymous 02-Jul-2005 #7
Why change the name . Sycamore Close is a very well known name that people can relate to.
J Suggit Aysgarth 01-Jul-2005 #6
What about Sycamore Manor as a name for the new building
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