Building From August 2005

Monday 29th August 2005

The roof to the back of the building is now slated.

Friday 19th August

No internal photos today I'm afraid but with good reason. Yesterday, Thursday all of the second floor of Sycamore Hall was laid.
Today, Friday all the ground floors have now been laid. Incredible!
It will be a few days before the floors are dry enough to carry heavy traffic. As soon as I can I will post some more internal photos of the building.

Friday 12th August

At last! the rest of the windows have arrived and all been fitted. It's looking good.
Slates for the roof have also been arriving thick and fast.
Will update you with photos next Friday.

Friday August 5th 2005

Wow! don't the chimneys make a difference.

Shot taken at the front of the new building looking from Sycamore Close.

Long distance shot of the whole new building taken from the hill coming down into Bainbridge.
It gives a good idea of the vast size of the new build.

The front elevation to Sycamore Hall. I think the new name suits the building very well.

Monday August 3rd 2005

At present the roof is being covered in breathable felt and laths ready to take the slates.

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Building From August 2005
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