Building From February 2005

February 1st 2005

This one I couldn't resist.

This photograph is not actually on the Sycamore Close site(FHM). It's across the road at the new National Parks centre. What a fantastic crane.

As you can see from this photograph there is not a lot of room to manouvre. Steel reinforcing for the upper floor is now going in.

Most of the internal drainage pipes have gone in. You can really see the site taking shape

February 7th 2005


How do they do it?
Even bigger than the one on the National Parks site.
This lovely piece of machinery has created a lot of interest up at the building site in Bainbridge.
The crane could be seen from Cubeck, Askrigg and also half way to Hawes.

Friday February 11th 2005

The entire sub-floor for the first phase of the development has now been completed.

Monday Feruary 14th

Blocks stacked and ready to build.

Digging down for main drainage system.

Friday February 18th

And there off! These lads don't muck about.

Main drainage chambers have now been put in.

Wednesday February 23rd

Oh dear! Just when we thought the bad weather was behind us it kicks us in the behind. Most of Upper Wensleydale had great difficulty getting out and about today.

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Building From February 2005
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