Building From June 2005

June 1st

At the moments a lot of internal work is going on.
The plumbers are busy putting in the drainage and soil pipes.
The electricians have also begun laying supply cables.

The stonework is now completed to the first floor.

June 8th

This week the scaffolders have been busy
getting ready for the next building stage.

View taken from the back of the site where stonework
is already being done on the second level.

Overall view of the project taken from the hillside.

June 15th

The work here at Sycamore Close is racing ahead at the moment.

As you can see the windows are going in. Sitting room windows are at a lower level to enable people sitting down or perhaps in a wheel chair to have a good view through the window.

Dining Room

The inside of the building is also taking shape.
This room will be the dining room when it is finished.
When you stand inside it looks like a very large room.

Day Centre

this is the view from the new day centre windows.

This is inside part of the new day centre. Loads of space.

The block wall is where the two buildings will eventually join together.

June 17th

The new lift area.

New stairway put in. To the left of this photo is the lift area.

In another week the roof trusses should be arriving.

Please note:

  • The name of the new Extra Care Housing scheme at Bainbridge needs to be decided on very soon.

Anyone wishing to contribute a suggestion can e-mail or telephone High Hall 01969 650316 or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

June 27th

And lo and behold! a week later and here they are. (The roof trusses)

An absolute hive of activity and glorious weather.

Long shot taken from the top of the hill.

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Building From June 2005
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