• Cookery is something we try to do regularly at the day centre. It promotes confidence and sociability and provides a safe environment in which to practice culinary skills.
  • Members birthday cakes are nearly always made and iced at the day centre.
  • Marmalade is made at the day centre every second week.
    The marmalade retails at 1.25 a jar.

Using a microwave

This recipe was sweetcorn chowder.
We made the complete chowder in stages in the microwave oven,
from frying the onions to the finished dish.
Only one dish to wash.

We tested our new chopping thingy and it worked perfectly.
The chowder tasted pretty good too.

Our next cookery session (by popular request) will be Lemon Chicken stir fry.

Cookery class

  • Mary Johnsons eggless flan.

This recipe is one Mary made at the Hawes school for over 30 years and it was always a favourite with the children and very inexpensive to make.

The recipe is already on the web but we needed a photograph so we made up the recipe.

We knew we would be working against the clock (more so than usual) as our manager was coming across to see us in the afternoon. The potatoes were boiled and mashed at home the previous night, we used a food processor for the chopping of the onions and bought ready grated cheese.

We made the pastry and lined two flan dishes, roasted the onions and combined all the ingredients together. The flans were filled and decorated then put in the oven to bake. Despite the shortcuts and our manager not being able to come, we were still too late to eat the flan by the time it had cooled from the oven.

Fortunately that evening, I was going to Hawes so I took some flan up to Dorothy who distributed it to the Hawes ladies and on the Friday morning the rest of the flans were reheated and served up for coffee break so no-one missed out.

Verdict very tasty. Jim said the mixture would make a great filling for cheese and onion pasties. Who knows we might try it one of these days.


At last we got the bread maker to work with the help of Ken.
Last time we made it the bread was rubbish.
Printing is not the only thing he's good at.

Choux Pastry

Twelve swans a swimming.
John Iveson won best swan competition.

From the outset we decided that we would have a team effort.
Recipe was downloaded from the web TastyBreadPizza and tasks were allocated according to choice.
The domino table was also kept busy for the afternoon.
Jim chopped the onion using the special chopper we purchased a few months ago, it worked really well.
Dorothy, Mary and Dolly sliced all the stotties and bread buns and buttered them.
Mary Johnson chopped all the mushrooms and sliced the tomatoes and the ham with the knife of her choice.

Jim mixed the part that gives the pizzas that extra zing. You make a puree with tomato paste,pure olive oil, minced garlic, fresh ground black pepper and lashings of basil. Dorothy and Angela grated the cheese.

Liz was in charge of kitchen duties which meant making sure I didn't burn the filling and keeping everything washed up, whipping the cream and making sure we finished in time because as always we were working against the clock. Ta! Liz.

Margaret Cotton did a fantastic job of combining all the ingredients onto the pizzas and decorating them.

A little fun was had when we asked Nora and Mary to slice up strawberries for decoration. We omitted to tell them that they were not for the pizzas but to put on the fresh cream meringues they were having with a cup of tea.

After the pizzas were cool enough we sampled them and the verdict was fantastic. Some of our members had never eaten a pizza before.
The remaining pizzas of which there was plenty were wrapped in foil and a paper bag and taken home for everyones tea.

Verdict let's do it again.

Strawberry Flan

"I haven't lost my touch"

The finished flan that we had with our afternoon cup of tea.

Competition the best bread bun

Sycamore Chutney

Each year we make approximately 35-40lbs of chutney
in 2 to 3 batches. It is good stuff and we can sell all we make.

Good enough to eat

  • Lemon Meringue pie

We made this for tea one afternoon. It was the best lemony pie we have ever tasted.

This was making mince pies last year
for the whist drive at Sycamore Close

Ham and apple ring made by The Pampered Chef.
Now it's our turn.

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