Day Centre Events And Activities 2005


  • Wednesday 25th May - Hotters Shoes sale Sycamore Close Day Centre
  • Friday 20th May - New Community mini-bus arrives
  • Wednesday 18th May - Happy 80th Birthday Dorothy Photos
  • First Printing Session at Sycamore Close

Well here we are at last, after a hard slog finally collating and printing our very own newsletter with state of the art computer equipment at Sycamore Close. In the past we have had to rely on having the newsletter being printed at Woodhall by Angela.

It has taken a lot of work and fundraising but I'm sure you'll agree well worth it.
Keyboard was donated by Performance Computers Richmond.

Mr Brian Kershaw kindly came along to help and advise.

Mr Jim Waterworth was in the hot seat but coped very well.

First pages rolling off the press

"Hit it a bit harder Stan."
"What a load of rubbish, I'll be here all night trying to staple these together. They need to get themselves a decent stapler."

The finished article. Well done everyone.

Film Around Richmondshire

A Mobile Cinema Experience

Ready and waiting for SEABISCUIT (PG)

A big thank you to Trevor and his good lady for all their hard work. Our day centre room is not an easy place to set up a mobile cinema on a big scale. The word that springs to mind is CHALLENGING.

This screen was the smallest they do. The other one is 12 feet by 9 feet.
Check out Film Around Richmondshire. Why not book a show.
Trevor Boning
Film Around Richmondshire
Middleham Key Centre
Park Lane
North Yorkshire DL8 4RA
Tel: Office - 01969 625142 (To leave a message)
Home – 01677 460442
Email :

Art Classes

From everyone at Sycamore Day Centre we wish you a HAPPY EASTER

Easter activites at Sycamore Day Centre began on Wednesday 16th March with making Easter Bonnets for the ladies and hats for the gentlemen, and then lining up for a rogues gallery photo.

Friday the 18th March was an egg and bunny hunt in and around Sycamore Close. Dolly and Barbara found the most hidden chicks, eggs and rabbits, but the two large golden bunnies were found by Margaret Cotton and with a lot of rouging, Mary Johnson.

Easter festivites finished on Wednesday the 23rd March with our resident and award winning flower arranger Liz Allen.

The Easter photographs were all printed off on our new all singing and dancing printer and distributed to members. Finally all the stunning floral arrangements and planters were auctioned off to the highest bidders. All the proceeds went to our ammenity fund.

The production line 11th March

We are very busy again. At this time of year we do quite a lot of plant production. We have a good reputation for producing quality plants.

New seasons six pack pansies available 30th March.

Order now!

The Pampered Chef Louise Handley from Askrigg

Louise Handley gave a fascinating and very interesting talk and demonstration of some super and time saving catering products.

I think everyone was fascinated by the croissant pastry Louise produced from a cardboard roll and then proceeded to unroll the perforated pastry and use it to make a superb Ham and Apple Ring.See photos The pastry is available from Tescos chill cabinet.

We decided to purchase several items for use in the Sycamore Close kitchen. A single-handed, double-ended rolling pin with pastry pricker. A product to make mince pies, tarts etc. easy, peasy. No more flouring, rolling or cutting, We also bought a chopping thingy, again which can be used single-handedly and there is a lid on the bottom to stop the chopped bits from flying about.

Can you imagine our chutney making sessions next year? We will be able to make twice as much with the time we will save. Who said this place was a workhouse?

Louise held a raffle and there were two winners. Mrs Atkinson from Hawes and Stan Brook from Sycamore.

Many thanks Louise for a super afternoon which we all enjoyed and look forward to seeing you again soon. Louise has agreed to come back and do the puddings course with us.

If anyone is interested in hosting a party Louise can be contacted on Telephone 01969 650501

Christmas Eve party

Santa Calls.
Mr Edgar Dakin one of our members from Askrigg
kindly agreed to do Santa duties for us. He brought a sack of presents.

22nd December Our Christmas dinner at Sycamore Close.

Let the festivites begin.

Three ladies dancing.

Our Christmas Dinner at The Crown Hawes 17th December

Stans presentation at County Hall

Stan Brook won third prize for his entry into
the County Care Christmas Card Competition.

Stan (seated) was presented with his award
by Derek Law our new Director of Social Services.

Outing to Watershed Mill Settle.
Went out for lunch and did some Christmas Shopping

Christmas comes early in Bainbridge.

Chess set made by Jack and Jim

The Annual Parochial Tea at Hawes.

The vicar Bill Simms announced that Barclays Bank are sponsoring the Parochial tea and have agreed to match pound for pound all money raised.
Mr. Norman Routh (local business man until his retirement) opened the proceedings and gave a brief reminicence of past Parochial teas.
We had another super afternoon with a lovely tea. We wons lots of prizes on the tombola, more books, new handbags for three off the bric-a-brac stall and lots of cakes and toffee to take home.
This will be the last Parochial tea to be held in November.Next year it will be held in July when the evenings are still light.

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Day Centre Events And Activities 2005
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