February Newsletter 2006



On Monday 16 January the front doors of Sycamore Hall opened and the first residents moved in.

The removal men and families did a remarkable job and worked really hard, as well as Christine and Karen and several of the resource workers who had helped with the packing and supporting the residents throughout the whole `MOVING HOUSE ORDEAL' a pleasure I had endured only just a few weeks earlier on my relocation from Wakefield.

As the week went by everyone seemed to be getting used to their new surroundings and remarkably were feeling very much at home, having had a few days to get used to their new flats and learning how all the new modern appliances worked, and although things were going well with the settling in, the week did not go by without a couple of teething problems i.e. fire alarms going off, but we got through it and everyone was really understanding.

As we went through into the 3rd week, you would have thought everyone had been there for years. Curtains and pictures were in place and I think residents were starting to feel like they belonged and were taking ownership of their new home. It was delightful to see that everyone was happy and getting on with things.


Events and activities are starting to be organized, so as well as having the usual Thursday morning coffee morning, informal coffee mornings started to take place each day at 10.30 a.m. to give residents a chance to familiarize themselves with the whole building and to give them chance to see how their neighbours were settling in.

A bingo afternoon was also organized and the invitation extended to High Hall, it went very well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Our next activity planned is the Valentine cheese and wine party followed by a clothes party in March.


Karen Ewbank

I am pleased to welcome Karen to Housing 21 - Sycamore Hall. Karen is a very familiar face to people in the area and has worked along side her mum at Sycamore Close.

Karen is a great asset to Housing 21 and is enjoying her new post.
She has been very busy over the last few weeks, organizing the cleaning rota's for tenants, and unpacking box after box of equipment.

Court Manager - Michelle

I am originally from Leeds but have lived in several parts of England and very recently moved from Wakefield. I opened a brand new extra care in Cambridgeshire about 3 years ago so I feel very privilidged to have been able to have this great opportunity again and to also have the added benefit of living in such a beautiful place.

My family and I have settled in very well, and I hope that we are here for many years to come.


My working hours are at the moment 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and if this changes I will let you know.

Each morning for the next few weeks I make a personal visit to each resident to make sure that everyone is settling and so that I also get to know you and that you also get to know me. Don't forget, if there is anything at all you need to ask at any other time, my office door is always open.


The day care is in full swing and enjoying their new bright new room.

They have just recently had a bus trip out to Owens for lunch and will join in with the Valentine cheese and wine party and other activities. The more the merrier.

The Day care would also like to thank Mr Collinson for his donation of oven and hob, and they are really looking forward to once again having their hot milky coffee and freshly baked cakes.

The Day care are also visiting Hawes Countryside Museum on Wednesday 22 February to watch the film "Curse of Were Rabbit" by Wallace and Gromit.


The care provision for Sycamore Hall is provided by our partners Social Services.

The staff cover both day and night shift with an on call facility. They have been working hard and getting used to the building, but again the staff are very familiar to the residents already which is very re-assuring.

The care staff and myself are working well together and establishing a good working relationship so that we can jointly take the service forward and promote the positive effects of extra care living, in preparation for the 2nd phase and High Hall residents moving over.


This will be set up shortly to help with updating of issues and news regarding Sycamore Hall and planning ahead with regards the completion of phase 2 stage and High Hall residents moving in. The meeting will be held on a monthly basis and if any resident would like to be part of this group then please let me know.


Sycamore Hall has a wonderful hairdressing facility which will initially be for tenants but will also provide a service to the wider community. We are hoping to open this service as soon as possible.
Keep an eye out on Scheme notice board and web site.


The restaurant is a lovely bright eating area which is equipped to seat 40 and will eventually become the hub of the scheme. It will be accessible to residents and their families as well as the community.

The menu will be varied, serving hot meals as well as snacks and sandwiches.

We are hoping to open this as soon as we have someone to run this facility on behalf of Housing 21. I will keep you updated.


The resource room was initially planned to be a scheme shop. This plan has now been abandoned, therefore if anyone has any ideas on how this space in the future could be used, then would you please contact Court Manager. There has been suggestions of maybe a charity shop, or Internet cafe so far, let me know what you think.


The planning of a welcome party is well underway and will take place on Wedneday 29 March at 2.00 p.m. and a light tea it will be for all residents of Sycamore Hall, High Hall and the day centres.

See Notice board for details or web site.


Sycamore Hall will hold an Open Day shortly to invite local councilors etc and the community to view thelovely new building.
Date to be announced.


The Yore Club had their first meeting at Sycamore in January, and were very impressed with the new facilities. Some of the members had a little tour round and had a look at a vacant flat, their overall impression was very positive and they were very impressed.

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February Newsletter 2006
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