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High Hall staff and associates from 1930 onwards. See Aysgarth Union Workhouse for details of staff from when it opened to 1930.

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  • Mr Frank Hiscock Master
  • Mrs Elizabeth Hiscock Matron.
  • Mr and Mrs T. Fawcett Assistant Master and Matron.

Mr T. Fawcett Assistant Master

The Fawcetts did not take over the master and matron's positions from the Hiscocks, they left the workhouse and moved to a farm at Swinithwaite.

'Was there another Hiscock that became Master or Matron?''


Dr. Dean Dunbar from the Aysgarth surgery is still The medical Officer for health
at the workhouse. He was also one of the Board of Guardians of the workhouse at Bainbridge.

He died in 1934


Allen Hiscock (son of Frank) and his first wife are now the Master and Matron at the workhouse


Dr William Pickles (1885 - 1969), was the first president of the Royal College of General Practitioners. He practised at Aysgarth for 53 years and wrote Epidemiology in a country practice.

Dr. Will Pickles (in a new window) Doctor from the Aysgarth surgery became the Medical Officer for Health at
Bainbridge workhouse.

Dr. Pickles remained in this position until the National Health Service Act came into being in 1948.

The Annual salary paid for this position in 1947 was 40 per annum.

Dr Ord joins the practice


Mr and Mrs Wyatt are master and matron. They had two daughters Nancy and Dorothy.


Kellys Directory lists a Mr.William John Ion as Master and Mrs Olive Mary Ion as Matron of the Bainbridge Workhouse.


Mr. and Mrs. Hough were master and matron in the very early forties.(Confirm with Josie)
Mrs Hough was a member of Bainbridge WI.
They left Bainbridge for Mr Hough to become Superintendant at the Leyburn workhouse.


Mr and Mrs Pashby are Master and Matron Of the Workhouse. Mr Pashby was a local circuit preacher.


Dr. Coltman joins Dr. Pickles at Aysgarth Sugery.


  • National Health Service Act

Now pauperism had been abolished and medical treatment was free a Medical Officer for Health was no longer needed for the workhouse.

Dr. Pickles and Drs. Coltman continued to look after patients in the Public Assistance Institution that became a Welfare Home after 1948.

Some more names of Masters and Matrons


  • Mr and Mrs Evans are master and matron. Mrs Evans was from Ireland and Mr Evans came from Wales.
    They had a daughter called Deirdre.
    They were still at High Hall in 1952.


  • Mr and Mrs Arthur Dickinson Master and Matron

Arthur Dickinson

Matron Barbara Dickinson


  • George and Pauline Marsden Master and Matron (need a date)

Left to right
Mrs. Pollitt assistant Matron. Mr Marsden Master.
Mrs Marsden Matron

George and Pauline Marsden interviewed Mrs Sumner for the post of kitchen maid. They said they couldn't offer her permanent employment as High Hall was probably going to close down within the next two years.

Were any of these names connected with High Hall?

  • Mason?
  • Doubty?


Ernest Metcalfe from Sedbusk near Hawes joins the care staff.

Mr Metcalfe said,"At this time there were 48 residents, a resident Master and Matron a handful of attendants and domestic staff working very long hours.
I have bathed up to twenty men in one day"


Joan Buck Matron

This was the first time that a Matron only was employed.
Husband to follow own occupation.

Joan retired in 1973


Christmas Dinner at high Hall.

This photograph shows Rev Malcolm Stonestreet and Dr Coltman
joining in the festivites at High Hall.


Mrs Davey (centre) was appointed as assistant Matron.
Her husband Angus (left) was a miner from Peterhead.
The lady to the right is June Burton the cook.

Mr. Ernest Metcalfe.

This gentleman's occupation was handyman, care assistant and accordian player.

Councillor John Blackie

attending a Christmas concert in his younger days.


Mrs McKye Matron


Jack Foster Officer in Charge

Peter Geelan.
Same time as Rev Malcolm Stonestreet was Vicar of Askrigg.


David Law Officer in Charge

Mary Sumner was Assistant Officer in charge to David Law.

Drs. Derek and Margaret Hoyle come to the practice at Aysgarth.
Derek visited High Hall for Christmas lunch every year that he was practising at Aysgarth until his retirement in 1995.


Mary Sumner Officer in Charge

  • Mary Sumner started work as a kitchen maid in 1965 and then became a care assistant.
    She then became senior care assistant, Deputy Officer in Charge
    and finally Officer in Charge in 1982.
    Mary retired in January 1989.

This photo is of Marys' retirement presentation.
The man on her left is Mr Ernest Metcalfe.

Ernest Metcalfe

Second Officer in Charge

1985 -1989

  • Dianne Whyte Deputy Officer in Charge.

Dianne was Warden at Sycamore Close
when it first opened in 1980 until 1985.
She then came to work at High Hall.


Ernest Metcalfe second-Officer-in-charge retires after 26 years.


Dianne Whyte Officer in Charge

1997 - 1999

Alyson Hill becomes acting Officer in Charge.

1999 - 2004

Alyson Hill Officer in Charge

Alyson Hill's Leaving Party
Alyson (left) and Michelle Berzins (right)


Diane Stephenson
Our current Operations Manager

Team Managers:

Pauline Hurley, Debbie Thompson, Margaret Metcalfe

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