Jim Waterworth

Jim is a member of Sycamore day Centre Bainbridge in Wensleydale.
He has agreed to help with typing information etc for the newsletter and on the web-site. I wonder if he knows what he has let himself in for.
Jim has suggested that he could help with quizmaster duties when needed.

This photo was taken at a computer course we went on at Barnard Castle

I wonder what I've let myself in for too!!

  • Now they've got me printing the newsletter

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The finished newsletter!!

This is a hobby horse I made for Christmas 2002,(Hard work but lots of fun)
with a bit of help from Stan and Angela.

A Little Something Learned a long Time Ago

From Jim Waterworth

(Forgive the grammar as we are not familiar with the Ambleside dialect)

We're way down our coil oil Where muck splats ont' winders.

We've used all our coil and we're now back ont' cinders. If bum baliffe cums he won't find us,

'Cos we're way down our coil oil where muck splats ont' winders.

At present I am just about to start on the last MG Rover to leave the production line. An airfix model of the MGB Roadster.

Email: info / webmaster

[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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Jim Waterworth
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