Site Clearance

Friday 24th November
The Iron Curtain
Oh! boy. We'll have to get the step ladders out.

Inside the Iron Curtain

Saturday 27th November
The gang of four!

Monday 29th November
Started the footings today. The weather has turned a lot colder.

A new face at the site. Why has he got a green hat?
Because he works for a different company.


Wednesday 1st December
Gonna build that mountain, gonna build it high. What fantastic topsoil.

Friday 3rd December
Forget the step ladder, how much will it be to hire a helecopter!!

Front seat viewing at Sycamore Close

It's what's called reaching dizzy new heights.

Wednesday 8th December
Site nearly clear. It will not be long now before actual building begins.

Christmas Eve
Holidays. Good job with all this snow around.

Work starts again the first week in January

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Site Clearance
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