The 1950s

The 1950s

This project was one of the most memorable and fun events we have staged.
A super day was had by everyone including our model Liz as you will see lower down the page.

The following week I went over to High Hall and did a mini 1950s for the activity organiser.
The residents loved it and High Hall made a lovely tea.

These items are mostly in daily use in my (Angelas) home.

I don't like keeping things just as ornaments.
Most of these items are also in daily use.

The underwear fits one of our organisers perfectly.
I can still get into the pinnies.

Liz in working togs,
p.s. the fag is not lit.
It's for demonstration purposes only.

Sue brought in the stockings and also modelled them for us.
Sue has a passion for 1940s fashion and is always
on the internet looking for bargains.

This was the first time I ever saw Liz in a dress.

This dress is in scarlet taffeta with raised black embossing
for that special occasion ie. feeding the hens.
Watch out for the bull Liz.

Here our members are testing their memories in a quiz
The price of basic foods and the cost of some DIY products in the 1950s.

The food is also what a posh tea table in the 1950s would contain.
Day centre clients made the scones and jam roll in the day centre.
The rest of the food was made at home to help with
the tight time schedules we have work to.

Liz serving her own special home made lemonade recipe.
Truly scrumptious!.

Come on lasses. We've waited long enough.
Tuck in.

"Did we wear that kind of stuff when we were young Mary?"
The ladies also showed us how to wear our hair in a snood.
Do you know what D A stands for?
Well we can tell you,it's a Ducks A***,
a new hairstyle that was popular in the 50s.

This was how we used to transport the meals
from High Hall to Sycamore day centre. We now have a trolley.
Just imagine what it will be like for us when we have a dining room in the new building.
No more dinner plates to wash up.

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The 1950s
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