The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef Louise Handley from Askrigg

Louise Handley gave a fascinating and very interesting talk and demonstration of some super and time saving catering products.

I think everyone was facinated by the croissant pastry Louise produced from a cardboard roll and then proceeded to unroll the perforated pastry and use it to make a superb Ham and Apple Ring. See photos The pastry is available from Tescos chill cabinet.

We decided to purchase several items for use in the Sycamore Close kitchen. A single-handed, double-ended rolling pin with pastry pricker.
A product to make mince pies, tarts etc. Easy, peasy. No more flouring, rolling or cutting.

We also bought a chopping thingy, again which can be used single-handedly and there is a lid on the bottom to stop the chopped bits from flying about.

Can you imagine our chutney making sessions next year? We will be able to make twice as much with the time we will save. Who said this place was a workhouse?

Louise held a raffle and there were two winners. Mrs Atkinson from Hawes and Stan Brook from Sycamore.

Many thanks Louise for a super afternoon which we all enjoyed and look forward to seeing you again soon. Louise has agreed to come back and do the puddings course with us.

This is the ham and apple ring under construction. Fascinating.

I just had to buy the stone circle and that's just for my son Stephen who is into all things natural.

I am still debating circle or rectangular stone for myself as you can get more on the latter.

This is the savoury ring ready to go in the oven.

Fingers crossed as our oven does not work very well.

Just as we put the ring in the oven the glass door fell off. We managed to carefully close it.

The temperature on the oven is also way out so we guessed and hoped for the best.

This is the finished product. I guess we must have guessed right. Fantastic all gone within 10 minutes.

Louise has decided not to continue with the Pampered chef but would like to thank everyone for their support in the past.

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[Sycamore Close, Bainbridge]
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The Pampered Chef
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